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Francesca Louis Vuitton Shoes eastwood's birkin burning by tyler shields is highly unpopular move photos

Meet tyler shields, photographic provocateur du jour.He's snapped a topless, meateating mischa barton;A bloody, knifewielding lindsay lohan;And sweet heather morris of"Glee"All tied up in a rather domestic abusey setting.The red $200 chainsaw and 4 dollars of gasoline! "

As you can imagine, such an act of fashion blasphemy has garnered some negative reactions.Francesca eastwood, the model who oversaw the aforementioned destruction, has been the subject of harsh criticism and even death threats in the wake of her controversial shoot.

But francesca, who happens to be shields' girlfriend(And clint's daughter, in case you were wondering), seems plenty happy about about the shoot, tweeting on Sunday:

Money to burn!Francesca eastwood and boyfriend tyler shields set a $100, 000 hermes birkin bag on.Eastwood company,"Which debuted on may 20 on e! .In the clips below, you can see the birkin saga from start to finish, including francesca's initial unwillingness to let the bag go and tyler's rational arguments to destroying it("Destruction is a beautiful version of freedom"Is how he puts it Louis Vuitton Bags Sale on his blog).

Alas, the reasons francesca wants to spare the bag's life aren't exactly the same as her critics'.Spoiler alert:The model expresses no inclination to donate the bag to charity.

We've reached out to shields for comment.Eastwood company"Clips below.

Update:In response Louis Vuitton Bags to the backlash, shields told the huffington post: "People spend 200k on an album cover, they spend millions on catering for movies, they spend money to create things that is all i am doing with this. "

He added,"For all the people who hate it, i get the same amount of emails from people who love it.Art is there for you to decide you either get it, love it and embrace [it] or you hate it and most people decide in 10 seconds. "

See some of the pics in question below.

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It is laughable that this idiot thinks this is art.Art is the act of using creativity to stimulate thoughts and/or feeling.An artist can achieve this through creation, rather than destruction and waste.Certain fakers(Eastwood isn;T the only one)Are just false, attention seekers.What they create is anti art.This woman is an ignorant fool with a dead soul.She clearly has not done any reflection on the meaning and symbolism of her publicity stunt.Utterly clueless.Remind me not to buy whatever she's selling.

A $100, 000 herms birkin handbag is burned, sawed, bitten, and otherwise destroyed by francesca eastwood.Word on the street is she did it in the name of art?Art who?Art thou stupid?Here's an idea.Maybe next time sell the bag and buy food for the little kids in america who go to bed hungry every night.I know it's not art, but there isn't an artist in the world who could paint the dreams of a small child sleeping with a full tummy and thats reality.Maybe clint should have used that famous line of his on his daughter, do you feel lucky punk.

I think you needed to watch the show to understand what was happening.Yes, francesca salivated over the bag and her boyfriend/photographer let her carry it for two days.In the meantime, she learned some lessons from mrs eastwood how wrong it was to spend so much on something like that, that the bag equaled many people's salaries for several years and that it could feed the local poor for quite a while.The reason francesca at the end was able to destroy it(And i doubt seriously it cost the retail price)Was that she realized it was an obscene object. (I think kim k by the way has a half dozen or more of these bags).Overall, i've been impressed by this reality show, it seems to teach and the people in it reflect some some down to earth, even admirable values, certainly compared to the kardashians.As for donating the money or the bag vs destroying it, well it made an artistic statement.I will never look at a birkin the same way.Oh, that's right, this is high falutin art, so how could such a mediocre being as myself have any concept as to the deep and intense commentary being made against luxury goods.Just ridiculous, but so is my time spent writing these posts, good thing i was inbetween gathering all my overpriced luxury goods we're have a s'mores and weinie roast in the back tonight.Thought i'd work on my art.=)

Pathetic and a telling sign(As if there weren't enough)Of our imploding american society.To intentionally drop $ on a bag to destroy it for"Art" (Haha, keep telling yourself that)Is spoiled, immature, narcissistic, mildly sociopathic, and an outright travesty.Similar to $ being spent on campaign funds, i am continually appalled at the choices ppl make for self gain, versus societal gain.Either way, this is disturbing.

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