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Birthday party ideas for girls

Throwing a unique and memorable birthday party for girls aged 812 can be challenging.They are old enough to have outgrown the playground, but not quite ready for teenage activities yet.Here are some party ideas to make sure your daughter's birthday will be a happy and successful event.

One of the keys is working together with your preteen to choose a kids birthday party theme that she is excited about.Once you choose the theme, planning the activities and food will be much easier.And remember that while supervision is obviously required on party day, give the girls some space so they can feel a little more grown up.

Your local roller or ice skating rink will likely have numerous birthday party packages to choose from.Typically, they have a party room that you can reserve with a host/hostess to run the party.The group of kids will normally get skate admission and rental, food, beverages, birthday cake delivery and ice cream, game tokens and more.

There can be limitations on the number of children that can attend the party and rates vary widely from one skating rink to the next.Take into account all the items that are including when selecting to throw a roller skating party for your girl.

Just check with your local rink for details.

Pottery painting parties at a local pottery place are all the rage.Many pottery places allow you to rent a private room for the birthday party where the kids get to make and take their own personalized bowl or plate.They normally ask that you bring your own food and decorations, but again it depends on the local place so call them directly for details.When they are done, each child can have their creation fired in the kiln for a permanent souvenir from the party.

Since the pottery painting establishments can be a bit expensive, you could consider getting some of the activclay which is a type of clay that doesn't need to be fired in a kiln.Kids can make their own clay creations and let them dry overnight.Then paint them the next morning to take home as their souvenir.Be sure to buy enough clay and painting supplies for everyone attending the party.

This is a great idea especially for the younger aged girls.The idea is that the girls dress up in their"Sunday best" (Dresses, hats, boas, white gloves, etc. )And enjoy a real tea service.You can either transform your own home into a cafe or see if there is a local tea place that offers tea parties for girls.

If you decide to do it in your own home, just set up some kids size tables with white fabrics and doilies, some fresh flowers and of course formal Tea party ware.Serve the"Tea" (Juice)In a teapot along with finger sandwiches such as heartshaped bologna and/or peanut butter and jelly Mother of the Bride Dresses this page sandwiches.For a great finish to the party, make a teapotshaped cake.

Before or after tea time, you could have a little fashion show so that each girl can show off her beautiful outfit.Be sure to take lots of pictures.You Mother of the Bride Dresses Australia could even give awards or prizes for various things like prettiest dress or hat, most beautiful satin bow, etc.

Add a splash of fun to your daughter's birthday by throwing a summer beach or pool party.Even if you don't happen to have a backyard pool, there are still possibilities.For example, some local pools or neighborhood associations will allow groups to reserve the entire swimming pool area for a short period of time.They provide a lifeguard and staff who keep an eye on the kids and run games such as water ring tosses.In addition, they may have a party room that is adjacent to the changing areas/restrooms where you can setup decorations, snacks and cake.

Whether you throw the party in your backyard or in another pool location, find some fun summerthemed invitations shaped like flipflops, beach balls, or tropical flowers(Or make your own from card stock).Add a clever saying about how you'll be diving right in for a fun party.Decorate the event area with inflatable palm trees, beach balls, hibiscus flowers and give each child a lei when they arrive at the birthday celebration.Have lots of pool games to keep the kids entertained.Try floating object or rubber duck races, pool diving for nonfloating objects, relay races, water ring tosses, etc.For birthday party favors, how about beach ball shaped decorated sugar cookies, beach towels, cheap flip flops or a goodie basket or bag filled with sunscreen, spf lip balm and candies.

Local craft studios or Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses stores often offer artthemed parties for kids birthdays.A staff of people with guide the children in various craft projects such as making picture frames, beading crafts, friendship bracelets, rhinestone"Purses", etc.They often have a group project to make a birthday banner for the birthday girl along with group games and food.

If you prefer, you can throw a craft party in your own home.Just visit oriental trading company or your local ben franklin to pick up some small craft projects for the girls.Be sure to have enough scissors, tape, glue, wire cutters or whatever craft accessories you need on hand.You can decorate with brightly colored balloons and crepe paper.Make your own food and cake in the child's favorite color scheme for a fun birthday gettogether.

What child and her friends wouldn't like being glamour girls for the day?You can either host this type of party in your own home or consider one of the many local salons or cosmetology schools that host kids birthday parties.

The girls can get their hair done in updo's, have makeup applied and get their nails painted.If you have this party at home, consider hiring a couple high school girls to help with the makeovers.Be sure to have lots of fun and sparkly hair accessories, makeup and finger nail polishes.Buy lots of qtips and makeup applicator sponges to avoid crosscontamination.Also, have curling and flat irons to help with the hair styling.Consider some colorful boas, fun jewelry, cheap sparkly handbags and even temporary tattoos.Either have the girls bring one of their own dresses or borrow some fun dresses and high heeled shoes from your adult friends or go to a local salvation army to get some dressup clothes.

Setup a black runway strip with rope lights and streamers so Party that after the girl's are all glammed up, you can have a little runway show.Play some music and have them strut their stuff to show off their new look.Be sure to take lots of pictures!

For the food, go with more upscale(But inexpensive)Food like pastas, salads, fruit, and sparkling juice in plastic champagne glasses.Make a cake that is shaped like a purse or a tube of lipstick to tie in with the overall party theme.

For discount favors, send the girls home with personalized cosmetic bags, inexpensive bracelets, or compact mirror gifts.

There are as many quinceanera party themes as there are young girls.Each girl wants her celebration to be unique and personal.Here are some ideas to get you started thinking about a theme for your.

Hannah montana birthday party theme

Girls of all ages love hannah montana!Get all your hannah montana party ideas and supplies here.Depending on the time of year and your budget, there are some great options for the location of the party(Other than your home).

Kids birthday gift baskets

Find a wide array of fun and festive gift baskets designed especially for kids.Use them as centerpieces at the party and as the birthday gift.

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