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Metropolitan museum of art

The metropolitan opened in february of 1872 to new york's elite.The original building was located at 681 fifth avenue in new york city.The met's holdings, initially consisting of a roman stone sarcophagus and 174 of mostly european paintings.When the museum outgrew this space it moved in 1873 from the fifth avenue location and took up residence at the douglas mansion at 128 west 14th street.

These new accommodations proved temporary, as the growing collection required more space than the mansion could provide.After several negotiations with the city of new york in 1871, the met acquired land on the east side of central park, where it built its permanent home, a red-Brick stone structure designed by american architect calvert vaux and his collaborator jacob wrey mould.Vaux's ambitious building was not well-Received though because this you may like the building's high victorian gothic style was already going out of fashion by the time construction was completed.The president of the met even called the building a"Mistake. "

Within 20 years, a new architectural plan, incorporating the vaux building solely as an interior and stripping it of many of its distinctive design elements, was already being executed.Since that point, a host of new galleries and architectural elements, including the distinctive beaux-Arts facade, designed by architect and met trustee richard morris hunt and completed in 1902, have continued to expand the museum's physical structure, with the vaux-Designed structure completely surrounded by later additions.

Washington crossing the delaware is one of the most famous iconic paintings housed in the metropolitan museum of art.It was painted by german american artist emanuel gottlieb leutze in 1851.Washington's crossing of the delaware river, occurring on december 25, 1776 during the american revolutionary war, was the first move in a planned surprise attack organized by george washington against the hessian forces in trenton, new jersey.

Planned in partial secrecy, washington led a column of continental army troops across the icy delaware river in a logistically challenging and potentially dangerous operation.Other planned crossings in support of the operation were either called off or ineffective, but this did not prevent washington from successfully surprising and defeating the troops of johann rall quartered in trenton.The army crossed the river back to pennsylvania, this time burdened by prisoners and military stores taken as a result of the battle.

Washington's army then crossed the river a third time at the end of the year, under conditions made more difficult by the uncertain thickness of the ice on the river.They defeated british reinforcements under lord cornwallis on january 2, 1777, and defeated his rear guard at princeton before retreating to winter quarters in morristown, new jersey.

A queen anne chair is one of the pieces of american furniture at the metropolitan museum of art.The queen anne style of furniture design was developed during the reign of queen anne of great britain.Queen anne chairs are characterized by simple.Curvilinear lines, vasiform splats, and cabriole legs.

The queen anne style was a continuation of the william and mary style of furniture design.Its cabriole legs were influenced by the designs of the french cabinetmaker andré-Charles boulle.But the intricate ornamentation of post-Restoration furniture was abandoned in favor more conservative designs, possibly under the influence of the simple and elegant lines of imported chinese furniture.

The metropolitan museum of art also features a large collection of photographs.These include some of the most famous photographers in the world like ansel adams.

A man whose name is synonymous with landscape photography.Adams was one of america's most well-Known photographers by the mid-1930s.The athenians organized a confederacy of allies to ensure the freedom of the greek cities in the aegean islands and on the coast of asia minor.Members of the so-Called delian league provided either ships or a fixed sum of money that was kept in a treasury on the island of delos, sacred to apollo.

With control of the funds and a strong fleet, athens gradually transformed the originally voluntary members of the league into subjects.It had also developed into the first democracy.

All adult male citizens participated in the elections and meetings of the assembly, which served as both the seat of government and a court of law.Much of the collection of art in the greek collection in the metropolitian museum of art tells these stories.

Mary cassatt is on Tiffany Pendants the american painters featured at the metropolitan museum of art.Mary is almost self taught which makes her paintings even that more impressive.Because she was impatient with the slow pace of instruction and the attitude of the male teachers, she decided to study the old master artists on her own.

Cassatt decided to end her studies and she moved to paris in 1866 with her mother and family friends acting as chaperones.Since women could not yet attend the école des beaux-Arts, she applied to study privately with masters from the school and was accepted to study with jean-Léon gérôme, a highly regarded teacher known great deals for his hyper-Realistic technique and his depiction of exotic subjects.

Cassatt augmented her artistic training with daily copying in the louvre.The museum also served as a social meeting place for frenchmen and american female students, who like cassatt, were not allowed to attend cafes where the avant-Garde socialized.While cassatt is an american painter, there are also several european painters featured at the metropolitan museum of art.However, cassatt is very important because she is a recognized painter and early mover within the european feminism movement.

This includes the above picture of the"Initial v from a bible"Which is a french manuscript on parchment from 1175.The initial v comes from a five-Volume bible that belonged to the cistercian abbey of pontigny.In the twelfth century, this monastery in the diocese of sens was a scholar's haven and had a celebrated library.

The initial signaled the opening of the book of leviticus"And the lord called moses, and spoke to him from the tabernacle. "In lieu of gold or figural imagery, which were eschewed by the cistercian order, the letter the homepage here presents a bold palette and vibrant juxtapositions of color.Right promoted organic architecture(Exemplified by fallingwater), was a leader of the Prairie School movement of architecture.

His work includes original and innovative examples of many different building types, including offices, churches, schools, skyscrapers, hotels, and museums.Wright also often designed many of the interior elements of his buildings, such as the furniture and stained glass.

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