Tiffany Necklaces spending for each third

Our literacy rate is national scandal

Some are afraid they haven't studied enough, or won't get the points they need for college but they're the lucky ones.In any event they'll be off to a good start by being able to write their number at the top of the page and read the instructions.

There are no points for that, but at least they have had the benefit of an education to do so, unlike the one in three disadvantaged people who can neither read nor write.Translate it into decimals or fractions, if you can do the maths.

The written out, written off report issued by barnardos this week is not just damning of education policy.Well, for thousands of irish people it is just that.Literacy levels have not changed since 1980, when 'getting the boat' was a valid career choice.

This is despite the billions spent on the education system in the intervening decades.

Reading is not about dissecting ulysses, or quoting king lear.Who cares if you can't read how wordsworth loved his daffodils, or why hamlet is so upset about yorick?It's not going to change the price of cocoa if you can't read this.

But what if you can't read the dosage of tablets you're supposed to take for your kidney infection?What if you can't go places because the numbers on the buses confuse you and the street signs are gibberish?That is life-Limiting, socially restrictive and potentially dangerous.

Those with low literacy levels are 2.4 times more likely to be in poor health;They are 1.8 times more likely to have a long-Term illness or disability and are astoundingly more likely to end up in prison:80pc of prisoners in tiffany sale: Mountjoy left school before the age of 16.

Barnardos says the key reasons for low childhood literacy are social disadvantage and a mother's education.

If there are no aspirations at home, no sense that being on lifelong benefits is a bad thing but an apathy about breaking out of the cycle of ignorance, how will the state change that mindset?

Hand-Wringing and despair is not the answer.Nor is bleating on about how much funding has gone into education.

It has, but it's interesting to note that the Tiffany Necklaces spending for each third level student is 1.8 times that for a kid in primary school.

Advances have been made.Teachers applaud the delivering equality opportunity in schools programme(Confusingly called the deis scheme--Go figure).

They love the homework clubs and the reading recovery and maths programmes for poorer kids.Even the small efforts put into breakfast clubs help memory, concentration and ultimately, learning.

The recent swingeing budget has meant that many of these will be curtailed, or cut Tiffany Necklaces 2014 Sale off altogether.But let's see where government money will go:

It costs 97, 700 a year to keep a prisoner in jail, for instance.You can link this fact with my poin about mountjoy if you like.Go on, the government won't see a correlation.

The jobseekers' allowance costs the state 9.87bn a year.That's 19m every day.

More than a quarter of unemployed people are early school leavers with little or no hope of gainful employment.Oh, you do the sums, if you want.The government can't be bothered.

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