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House oversight and government reform chairman darrell issa visits meet the press to update david gregory on the latest developments in his panel's enquiry into the benghazi attacks.

By barbara dann, politics reporter, nbc facts

A top gop critic pushed back sunday on charges that republican efforts to investigate last year's benghazi attack are made to inflict political damage on former secretary of state hillary clinton.

"Hillary clinton's not a deal with, said house oversight and govt.Reform committee chairman darrell issa on nbc's meet the press. "Barak is not a target,

Issa, who heads a panel probing the assault on the diplomatic outpost that killed four people today, contain ambassador chris stevens, said he will seek depositions from benghazi review board heads ambassador thomas pickering and even though the list adm.Henry mullen, the previous chairman of the joint chiefs of staff.

The interagency process of modifying talking points in the wake of the attack scrubbed the fact the incident was"A enemy attack from the get go, issa said weekend.

"The united states citizens were effectively lied to for a period of about a month, he requested. "That's extremely necessary to get right,

Ambassador thomas pickering responds to congressman darrell issa's declare that the diplomat should testify on the benghazi incident.

Issa's committee held a much talked about hearing last week on the benghazi attack.The california republican claimed sunday that pickering the man who led a completely independent review of the attacks on behalf of the state department refused to testify pandora Jewelry: at that hearing.

Pickering flatly denied that he was reluctant to appear.

"I said yesterday the hearings i was willing to appear, to range from very hearings[issa] ruled out me from, pickering told nbc's bob gregory. "We were told a lot said i was not welcome at that hearing;I could come at any other time,

Issa said he was unacquainted with pickering's late notice, which the ambassador said he disseminated through the white house, but added that a private deposition which he intends to formally request monday from the ambassador is the right way to begin the inquiry.

"The fact is we do not want to have some sort of a stage show, issa had to talk about.

Issa spokesman frederick hill said in a statement that oversight committee republicans never received a ask pickering to testify.

"We challenge him to name the white house official who he was in touch with and the white house official whom he falsely says relayed his interest in testifying to chairman issa, hill shown.

Republicans have been dogged in their questioning of the administration's reply to the attack, with leaked documents revealing last week that officials at the state department suggested edits to talking points that erased personal to terrorist groups.

While hillary clinton has stated publicly that she was not a that editing process, criticism of the first kind state department chief and much discussed possible presidential candidate has been a strong subtext of Pandora Charms Shop the benghazi debate.

Sen.Dianne feinstein discusses remarks on the house probe into the benghazi attacks and details amendments made in markup to the senate immigration law overhaul.

Senate thinking ability committee chair dianne feinstein, virtually any democrthe actualt, said on meet the press that issa's panel has on purpose put clinton's ambitions in its crosshairs.

"My concern is when hillary clinton's name is refered to 32 times in a hearing, then the aim of the hearing is to discredit the secretary of state, who has very high popularity and might be a candidate for president, feinstein reported.

Likely 2016 republican consumer sen.Rand paul excoriated clinton in a speech friday pandora charms: in key system state iowa, saying her role in the benghazi attack"Should preclude her from grasping higher office,

"I think that's rubbish, feinstein said of paul's claim that. "And i think the united states citizens will think that's nonsense,

This story was earlier published on sun may 12, 2013 11:28 i'm EDT

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