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Fallen officer's widow speaks out for first time

The widow of fallen st.Petersburg police officer david crawford is speaking out for the first time.Donna crawford hasn't given a public interview since her husband was killed in the line of duty in february.

"I just want to thank the community, the other agencies for everything they have done for my husband.In his memory and the capturing of his killer,"She said. "I know that i have not spoken out, but this is my time that i want to say thank you, to everyone. "

"I've had this since the night he was shot and killed,"She said of the badge. "I don't know if i've worn off the 'e' in st.Petersburg.But yeah, i rub it a lot.I keep it with me at all times. "

Crawford called donna to check in shortly before he was killed.It's something she said he would do every night, no matter what time, to let her know he was okay.

"I talked to david at 10:28 that night.He said, 'alright babe, i gotta check 108, go put some gas in the cruiser, '"She said. "About a half hour later, my daughter says, 'mom i don't want you to freak out but there's been another cop shooting in st.

"It was a shock because david was a 25year veteran,"She said. "I Princess Wedding Dresses would never, ever, thought that it would've been him. "

Crawford commuted 85 miles from their citrus county home to the st.Petersburg police department.

"David loved it there,"Said donna, speaking of their logstyle cabin home in crystal river. "We had the pond and he'd go out and feed the fish.And we'd be able to sit out on the front porch and we'd barbecue.He'd put stuff on the smoker and he'd sit there in the rocker and we'd talk. "

She explained why Evening Dresseswww.8eze.com her husband liked working the midnight shift.

"There wasn't a lot of traffic, there wasn't a lot of people,"She said. "David really wasn't somebody who liked to be around a lot of people. "Donna said crawford also enjoyed working rays games at tropicana field.

"The rays is something that he loved,"She said. "He often talked about working the games, doing the offduty work, but that was his favorite.And it's kind of ironic that when david was shot and killed that he was facing the dome. "

Donna described the trop as his"Home away from home. "

"I mean the city of st.Pete and the rays have more of david then i do,"She said. Dresses Australiawww.8eze.com

Donna sometimes visits the spot where he was gunned down, just a few blocks south of the trop.

"I stand in the very spot where my husband lost his life.And it's sickening,"She said. "I get sick to my stomach but at the same time i Weddingdresses want to understand and i can't. "

Police say 16yearold nick lindsey confessed to killing crawford.

"He called it an accident.It wasn't an accident.An accident, okay, i shot the gun, i drop it, i drop it,"She said. "No, he shot my husband five times.The first shot was throughandthrough to the heart.That's not an accident. "

Donna gave bay news 9 new pictures of her husband so the public could see his softer side.

"I just want people to know that he was a good man,"She said. "He wasn't that barnaclecovered person that everybody said he was.I mean, he had a big heart and i know that because he chose me. "

Donna keeps some of her husband's ashes in a miniurn that she wears on a necklace, along with his wedding ring.

"Without him the house is empty.I don't have my best friend, i don't have my confidant, i don't have my husband, my lover, i don't have any of that anymore,"She said. "That was taken from me. "

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