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Justin bieber celebrates 18th birthday today

This is a hard concept to grasp, arguably more difficult than gaga is a conformist or kardashian is a molecular biologist.But it true.The biebs is all grown-Up.The child discovered on youtube in 2007 has reached the age of majority.The kid who is more popular than democracy itself is now old enough to vote.

Justin may still look like a boy, sing like a boy and dress like a boy.But according (click here) to the calendar(And the law), the elfin star of a billion tween daydreams is now responsible for his own actions.

Well, in the short term, justin may be inclined to exercise his newfound rights by signing contracts or buying property.Becomes problematic when an artist initial fans are as young as justin have been.I mean, his fans were 8 to, say, 16.

That same appeal going to be there at tiffany: 18 and 21 and 25?Not likely.So what has to happen is his career has to evolve and so far it hasn evolved.1 on the iTunes chart in Canada and No.But for how much longer can bieber maintain his grip on the bubblegum planet?At what point will his army of beliebers shrug, lose faith and unfollow him on twitter?Can he reinvent himself through books, tv, film or more mature recordings like donny osmond, michael jackson and justin timberlake once did?

Can justin escape the pages of tiger beat and learn to roar for a new audience?

The history of teen idols is asterisked with cautionary footnotes:Leif garrett, debbie gibson, new kids on the block, 98 degrees, hanson, the spice girls.From frankie avalon to david cassidy, fabian to tiffany, the trajectory usually starts with explosive fame and ends with industrial-Grade obscurity.

One day, you lighting up the charts and Cheap Tiffany Necklaces mingling with superstars.The next, you eating chicken fajitas at an ihop after performing inside a suburban mall for tens of morbidly curious passersby.

Not that justin has to worry about this anytime soon.

Haven had a phenomenon like him in our business in quite a long time, says leblanc.Will always have a pocket of fans that will be frozen in time.And as a gift, justin, Tiffany Bangles Buy here are 50 random things you can now legally do:

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