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Fallen officer's widow speaks out for first time

The widow of fallen st.Petersburg police officer david crawford is speaking out for the first time.Donna crawford hasn't given a public interview since her husband was killed in the line of duty in february.

"I just want to thank the community, the other agencies for everything they have done for my husband.In his memory and the capturing of his killer,"She said. "I know that i have not spoken out, but this is my time that i want to say thank you, to everyone. "

"I've had this since the night he was shot and killed,"She said of the badge. "I don't know if i've worn off the 'e' in st.Petersburg.But yeah, i rub it a lot.I keep it with me at all times. "

Crawford called donna to check in shortly before he was killed.It's something she said he would do every night, no matter what time, to let her know he was okay.

"I talked to david at 10:28 that night.He said, 'alright babe, i gotta check 108, go put some gas in the cruiser, '"She said. "About a half hour later, my daughter says, 'mom i don't want you to freak out but there's been another cop shooting in st.

"It was a shock because david was a 25year veteran,"She said. "I Princess Wedding Dresses would never, ever, thought that it would've been him. "

Crawford commuted 85 miles from their citrus county home to the st.Petersburg police department.

"David loved it there,"Said donna, speaking of their logstyle cabin home in crystal river. "We had the pond and he'd go out and feed the fish.And we'd be able to sit out on the front porch and we'd barbecue.He'd put stuff on the smoker and he'd sit there in the rocker and we'd talk. "

She explained why Evening Dresseswww.8eze.com her husband liked working the midnight shift.

"There wasn't a lot of traffic, there wasn't a lot of people,"She said. "David really wasn't somebody who liked to be around a lot of people. "Donna said crawford also enjoyed working rays games at tropicana field.

"The rays is something that he loved,"She said. "He often talked about working the games, doing the offduty work, but that was his favorite.And it's kind of ironic that when david was shot and killed that he was facing the dome. "

Donna described the trop as his"Home away from home. "

"I mean the city of st.Pete and the rays have more of david then i do,"She said. Dresses Australiawww.8eze.com

Donna sometimes visits the spot where he was gunned down, just a few blocks south of the trop.

"I stand in the very spot where my husband lost his life.And it's sickening,"She said. "I get sick to my stomach but at the same time i Weddingdresses want to understand and i can't. "

Police say 16yearold nick lindsey confessed to killing crawford.

"He called it an accident.It wasn't an accident.An accident, okay, i shot the gun, i drop it, i drop it,"She said. "No, he shot my husband five times.The first shot was throughandthrough to the heart.That's not an accident. "

Donna gave bay news 9 new pictures of her husband so the public could see his softer side.

"I just want people to know that he was a good man,"She said. "He wasn't that barnaclecovered person that everybody said he was.I mean, he had a big heart and i know that because he chose me. "

Donna keeps some of her husband's ashes in a miniurn that she wears on a necklace, along with his wedding ring.

"Without him the house is empty.I don't have my best friend, i don't have my confidant, i don't have my husband, my lover, i don't have any of that anymore,"She said. "That was taken from me. "

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Thomas Sabo Armband go off on a tangent

An advantages to socialism

Most likely we will Thomas Sabo Armband go off on a tangent and talk about stuff that isn't directly about socialism, but feel free to ask questions or talk about diffrent.

You can't get an in depth perception of any complex subject from a forum post, and if you find attractive this stuff then you should go to the source.As marx referred to,"Virtually any royal road to science, and solely those who do not dread the fatiguing climb of its steep paths have a chance of gaining its luminous summits, i suggest picking up capital and watching david harvey's lecture series seeing the chapters for the class.A good book to help learn about it is marx's capital by fine and saad filho.

In all class communities, be it ancient captivity, feudalism quite possibly capitalism, wealth is the web template of human labor.All of these social systems use exploitation.A few own and control the product produced by the labor of the many.Prior to the civil war, big landowners owned black workers outright along with everything else they produced.In feudal system of medieval europe, lords possessed the land, while serfs turned over any extra produce or goods in return for the right to live on the land and grow enough to feed their families.

Capitalism is dissimilar to these earlier systems in that the owning class the capitalists rule by virtue of owning the means of production, called capital crops, mines, suppliers, area, as well as.Workers can simply live by selling their labor to the capitalists for wages.Without most likely work, giving away their labor to the bosses, workforce would starve.This is what's called wage slavery.

Just what exactly socialism and communism?

Socialism is when workers control the distribution and manufacture of commodities based on what is desired rather than what produces the most profit.Different theorists have different updates of what societies are socialist, but all of them are based around this principle.There are entire books about the differences between socialist ways of thinking, but i don't think going over right after is as useful in the op of an introduction.

Social agencies are not socialist, obama just isn't a socialist, and europe certainly not socialist.

Communism might be stateless, classless society Thomas Sabo Armband:http://www.101erlebnisse.de/ that can be called after socialism.No the world has reached communism, the ussr defined itself as a socialist republic.Wearing communism, things will be published based on need.

Socialism is based on the concept we should use the vast resources of society to meet people's needs.

It seems so obvious if folks are hungry, they must be fed;If businesses are homeless, we have to build homes for them;If keep their position sick, the best medical care should be there when needed.A socialist society would take the immense wealth of the rich and employ it to meet the basic needs of all society.The money wasted on weapons could be employed to end poverty, being homeless, and all other styles of scarcity.

There's no blueprint for what a socialist society may be like.That will be determined by the our children and grandchildren who are living in one.But it die Website seems obvious that such a society would guarantee all of us enough to eat and a sturdy roof over their heads.The training system would be made free and reorganized so that every child's ability is encouraged.Health care would be made free and available to all, as would all utilities like gas and producing utility.Public transit would also be made free and more practical and efficient.Most of these basic needs would become top priorities.

A socialist society would not only eliminate the existing wealth of the ruling class, but also its economic control around the world.The means of developing the factories, cubicles, mines, and stuff like that would be owned by all of society.Under modern day system, important economic decisions are left to the chaos of the free market and to the blind event of capitalists scrambling for Thomas Sabo Schmuck profits.Underneath socialism, most sufferers would plan democratically what to do and how do it.

And in addition, socialist ideas bring loud grievances from defenders of the capitalist system.Most come down to the same principle:Public ownership and planning would involve a bunch of bureaucrats ordering people around and letting them know what they should want.

It's a ridiculous accusation when you consider that many individuals under capitalism have no meaningful choices about the things that matter the most in their lives what they do at work and how they do it, what they have to can buy, how they spend the bulk time.These decisions are made in the business boardrooms, in the oval associated with, in the judges' chambers without your input.

Socialist planning would involve the exact complete the complete opposite of this:The widest possible debate and discussion about what's needed in society and how for you to it.Instead of leaving decisions about what gets produced and how to quite a few executives, all workers would have a voice in them at their workplace.And larger bodies of democratically elected representatives can fully discuss overall social priorities.

If a socialist society mistakenly produced an excessive amount of one product, the extra could be given away and resources shifted into making something more productive.When capitalists make these kinds mistake, factories are banned, personnel are thrown onto the street, food is bull dozed to push up prices, and thus.Socialism would stop this absurd waste.

Guarantee planning to work, a socialist society must be democratic much more so than the present system.Democracy and capitalism don't really work together.In general, repressive dictatorships run many so called models of the free market in less western world.Even in states that brag about how democratic they are, democracy is limited to electing officials to government every two or four years.

Why purely reform capitalism?

Beyond all of these thoughts, many very sound decisions about people's lives have nothing to do with decisions made by elected officials or government bureaucrats.The only people who had a say in basically are company executives answerable, if, to the tiny handful of people rich enough to own a significant chunk of you can actually stock.

Because of the system can't be reformed.Elected staff are only one part of government under capitalism.And in a number of tragic examples in countries throughout the world, they've turned into something a dispensable part when sections of the ruling class have decided to ditch democracy and rule by brute force.

Chile offers the most famous example of this.The socialist salvador allende was elected chief executive in 1970 on a fairly mild program of reform that included nationalizing parts of the economy.Numerous took this as a sign that socialism could be voted into existence.They succeeded in forcing him to meeting half way, but even this wasn't suitable.If ever the time was ripe, chile's generals made their move creating a bloody coup that claimed the lives of tens of thousands of chilean workers.

Your family and friends that even if they aren't bought off, politicians don't have the power to make the change that would really transform society.Instead of trying to elect well intentioned political figures to make what changes they can, discovered overturn the whole system.That is what a revolution is actually:Taking away the power of the people over the rest of society to make unaccountable decisions that affect our lives;Dumping a state machine that is organized to preserve this power;And organizing a many different and more democratic system of workers' councils to decide how society should be run.

It won't mean that socialists don't care about reforms.Truth be told, outside of inventive upheavals, socialists spend most of their efforts mobilizing pressure to win changes in the current system.Reforms make workers lives easier and improve their power in the here and now.And they make people well informed in the struggle to win further change.

Socialists compete for reforms, but reforms independently aren't enough.They can invariably be taken back if the movement retreats.We need revolution because capitalist society can't be completely changed in any other way.

The actual fundamentals of marxist economics:

Karl marx used ricardo as the start of his own economic theory of capitalism.Marx made that workers do not sell their labor, but rather their labor power remarkable ability to work.

From sense, labor power is a commodity as with other commodities.It provides a use value(How valuable it is to a)And an swapping value(How much it exchanges for around).Labor power's exchange value relies on what it takes to produce it.As an example, personnel need food, accessories, and rescue group.Workers also need enough commodities to raise generation x.

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see results about Pandora Bracelets politics

Nbc see results about Pandora Bracelets politics

Nbc politics

12:34pm, EDT

House oversight and government reform chairman darrell issa visits meet the press to update david gregory on the latest developments in his panel's enquiry into the benghazi attacks.

By barbara dann, politics reporter, nbc facts

A top gop critic pushed back sunday on charges that republican efforts to investigate last year's benghazi attack are made to inflict political damage on former secretary of state hillary clinton.

"Hillary clinton's not a deal with, said house oversight and govt.Reform committee chairman darrell issa on nbc's meet the press. "Barak is not a target,

Issa, who heads a panel probing the assault on the diplomatic outpost that killed four people today, contain ambassador chris stevens, said he will seek depositions from benghazi review board heads ambassador thomas pickering and even though the list adm.Henry mullen, the previous chairman of the joint chiefs of staff.

The interagency process of modifying talking points in the wake of the attack scrubbed the fact the incident was"A enemy attack from the get go, issa said weekend.

"The united states citizens were effectively lied to for a period of about a month, he requested. "That's extremely necessary to get right,

Ambassador thomas pickering responds to congressman darrell issa's declare that the diplomat should testify on the benghazi incident.

Issa's committee held a much talked about hearing last week on the benghazi attack.The california republican claimed sunday that pickering the man who led a completely independent review of the attacks on behalf of the state department refused to testify pandora Jewelry:http://www.1pr.us/ at that hearing.

Pickering flatly denied that he was reluctant to appear.

"I said yesterday the hearings i was willing to appear, to range from very hearings[issa] ruled out me from, pickering told nbc's bob gregory. "We were told a lot said i was not welcome at that hearing;I could come at any other time,

Issa said he was unacquainted with pickering's late notice, which the ambassador said he disseminated through the white house, but added that a private deposition which he intends to formally request monday from the ambassador is the right way to begin the inquiry.

"The fact is we do not want to have some sort of a stage show, issa had to talk about.

Issa spokesman frederick hill said in a statement that oversight committee republicans never received a ask pickering to testify.

"We challenge him to name the white house official who he was in touch with and the white house official whom he falsely says relayed his interest in testifying to chairman issa, hill shown.

Republicans have been dogged in their questioning of the administration's reply to the attack, with leaked documents revealing last week that officials at the state department suggested edits to talking points that erased personal to terrorist groups.

While hillary clinton has stated publicly that she was not a that editing process, criticism of the first kind state department chief and much discussed possible presidential candidate has been a strong subtext of Pandora Charms Shop the benghazi debate.

Sen.Dianne feinstein discusses remarks on the house probe into the benghazi attacks and details amendments made in markup to the senate immigration law overhaul.

Senate thinking ability committee chair dianne feinstein, virtually any democrthe actualt, said on meet the press that issa's panel has on purpose put clinton's ambitions in its crosshairs.

"My concern is when hillary clinton's name is refered to 32 times in a hearing, then the aim of the hearing is to discredit the secretary of state, who has very high popularity and might be a candidate for president, feinstein reported.

Likely 2016 republican consumer sen.Rand paul excoriated clinton in a speech friday pandora charms:http://www.1pr.us/ in key system state iowa, saying her role in the benghazi attack"Should preclude her from grasping higher office,

"I think that's rubbish, feinstein said of paul's claim that. "And i think the united states citizens will think that's nonsense,

This story was earlier published on sun may 12, 2013 11:28 i'm EDT

3:38pm, Se 'vrrle rrtre

That by nbc's andrea mitchell, domenico montanaro, coupled with catherine chomiak

On his first day as assistant of state, john kerry joked about being a man in what been a woman agency for pretty much a decade.

"HeRe's the big question befoRe the and the woRld and the state depaRtment afteR the last eight yeaRs:Can a man actually Run the state section?KeRRy told a laRge and impassioned cRowd of foReign seRvice officeRs and staff at foggy bottom.The woRd goes, have big heels to fill pRocess, keRRy was in pResence of Replacing hillaRy clinton(Chemical)And condoleezza gRain(R)Before that in the bush management, but going fairly further back, there hasn been a white male to move state in 16 years, since warren captain christopher under clinton.

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Tiffany Necklaces spending for each third

Our literacy rate is national scandal

Some are afraid they haven't studied enough, or won't get the points they need for college but they're the lucky ones.In any event they'll be off to a good start by being able to write their number at the top of the page and read the instructions.

There are no points for that, but at least they have had the benefit of an education to do so, unlike the one in three disadvantaged people who can neither read nor write.Translate it into decimals or fractions, if you can do the maths.

The written out, written off report issued by barnardos this week is not just damning of education policy.Well, for thousands of irish people it is just that.Literacy levels have not changed since 1980, when 'getting the boat' was a valid career choice.

This is despite the billions spent on the education system in the intervening decades.

Reading is not about dissecting ulysses, or quoting king lear.Who cares if you can't read how wordsworth loved his daffodils, or why hamlet is so upset about yorick?It's not going to change the price of cocoa if you can't read this.

But what if you can't read the dosage of tablets you're supposed to take for your kidney infection?What if you can't go places because the numbers on the buses confuse you and the street signs are gibberish?That is life-Limiting, socially restrictive and potentially dangerous.

Those with low literacy levels are 2.4 times more likely to be in poor health;They are 1.8 times more likely to have a long-Term illness or disability and are astoundingly more likely to end up in prison:80pc of prisoners in tiffany sale:http://www.talrec.com/ Mountjoy left school before the age of 16.

Barnardos says the key reasons for low childhood literacy are social disadvantage and a mother's education.

If there are no aspirations at home, no sense that being on lifelong benefits is a bad thing but an apathy about breaking out of the cycle of ignorance, how will the state change that mindset?

Hand-Wringing and despair is not the answer.Nor is bleating on about how much funding has gone into education.

It has, but it's interesting to note that the Tiffany Necklaces spending for each third level student is 1.8 times that for a kid in primary school.

Advances have been made.Teachers applaud the delivering equality opportunity in schools programme(Confusingly called the deis scheme--Go figure).

They love the homework clubs and the reading recovery and maths programmes for poorer kids.Even the small efforts put into breakfast clubs help memory, concentration and ultimately, learning.

The recent swingeing budget has meant that many of these will be curtailed, or cut Tiffany Necklaces 2014 Sale off altogether.But let's see where government money will go:

It costs 97, 700 a year to keep a prisoner in jail, for instance.You can link this fact with my poin about mountjoy if you like.Go on, the government won't see a correlation.

The jobseekers' allowance costs the state 9.87bn a year.That's 19m every day.

More than a quarter of unemployed people are early school leavers with little or no hope of gainful employment.Oh, you do the sums, if you want.The government can't be bothered. http://www.talrec.com/

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